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IN Interviews : Wolcott : Takemoto

Joy Wolcott and Natasha Takemoto are a phenomenal duo and a combined force to be reckoned with. One glimpse of their collections and you immediately realize you’ve discovered something special that will incidentally solicit a plethora of compliments for an entire day (true story). We met Wolcott : Takemoto at Man-Woman in 2016 and their […]

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IN Interviews : Bar Soap Brooklyn

This is the fourth article in a seven-part series interviewing independent small business owners in the apothecary space.  KaKyung Cho of Bar Soap Brooklyn is a heavy hitter in an industry previously unbeknownst to her and during a time where most would think twice before opening up a business without prior experience. Conversing with Cho in the short time it took to conduct the interview, one […]

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