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IN Interviews : Gabriela Artigas & Co.

Along with stressing the importance of family, designers Gabriela Artigas and her sister and sales director, Tere Artigas, have managed to turn Gabriela’s amazing minimal jewelry line into a burgeoning business. Sourcing her gems from all over the world, Gabriela creates flawless, detailed rings, necklaces, and earrings along with many other fascinating pieces. Gabriela Artigas […]

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IN Interviews : The Apothecary Series

‘Apothecary’ used to mean combining a lengthy list of intricate ingredients such as herbs, minerals, and animal fats for ingesting, salves for topical use, and aromatics for aromatherapy. In considering what pharmacies in the past may have looked like in the olden days, many of us can only conjure up mental visuals of dusty floor-to-ceiling cabinets housing several rows of jars, with […]

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