Iris Van Herpen : Haute Couture SS17 

For many, showcasing an Haute Couture collection at Paris Fashion lives in their minds; as an unattainable dream. Last Spring a dream came true for Dutch designer, Iris Van Herpen. This season she returns with another perfectly constructed ensemble. Entitling her collection, “Between the lines,” Van Herpen has managed to create a body of work that does just that, place the viewer between the lines. The Collection blurs the lines between what many would define as art, Haute Couture and wearables fashion. Van Herpen’s show was no solo effort on the part of Van Herpen. The collection is the collaboration with Berlin-based artist Ester Stocker.

Unanimously, Van Herpen is the one show that everyone is talking about via social media. The collection is an excellent example of what is possible when creative freedom is uninterrupted. Many have deemed Van Herpen’s work, Best of the show and unlike anything coming down the runway this week. The collection process involved, hand embellishment, hand illustrations, three-dimensional molding and printing and draped patterns which can not is replicable due to the meticulous process. Iris believes each item to be art, not to for commercial or monetary gain.

James Buford

James D. Buford is a fashion commentator, writer, fashion designer, and musician-producer based in Portland, Oregon. You can follow more of his images and words on  Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

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