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IN Interviews : Gabriela Artigas & Co.

Along with stressing the importance of family, designers Gabriela Artigas and her sister and sales director, Tere Artigas, have managed to turn Gabriela’s amazing minimal jewelry line into a burgeoning business. Sourcing her gems from all over the world, Gabriela creates flawless, detailed rings, necklaces, and earrings along with many other fascinating pieces. Gabriela Artigas […]

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IN Interviews : Tusk PDX

We don’t usually discuss food very often on Infashuated, but when granted the chance to pick the brains behind Tusk PDX,  Sam Smith and Josh McFadden, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to speak at length about their masterpiece (thanks for the introduction, Heather and Jonathan)! For those not in Portland during the summer months, it seemed as if the entire city […]

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IN Interviews : Kahina Giving Beauty

This is the fifth article in a seven-part series interviewing independent small business owners in the apothecary space.  Katharine L’Heureux is a businesswoman, wife, mother, and passionate wordsmith that speaks volumes about sustainability, truth in practice, and a profound depth in knowledge that pushes her to do her best work without fail. I began using products from L’Heureux’s Kahina Giving Beauty line almost two […]

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